compromise. . .

We all need to do somehow or the other at various points of our life but often we are even forced to do so by our society, if our dreams doesn’t follow in the list of those unwritten law’s made by our society . Alot of times, even today in EVERY ENGINEER AND DOCTOR A ARTIST DIED AWAY BEFORE.
Before even looking at a big scale often chapters are closed if they don’t end up in giving you a luxurious future. At times compromise is okay! You know why ? Because at a certain time we accept the realities and try to see things in a different way . And at a point we actually get over all those thing’s and move on with what all we have or we are doing at present , as if we run away from the realities thing’s would end up soon. And every dreamer will face it even with a broken heart.
And every dreamer does not want to rule ,they just wanna live and let live! Even if they don’t want to make it a career, but if got a little support and people believed that they could do it and let live their dream they might have succeeded, may be that success won’t reflect in the bank accounts at times but one thing would be achieved that is the inner peace. Because that’s worth dying everyday , as it gets very difficult to walk in the paths with regression πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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