just be kind . . .

If the words you spoke appeared on your skin …would you still be beautiful ?

Would you be ?

Our word’s aren’t just means of communication but it reflects our souls , our thoughts and US!
Rather being potentiometer good humans, which got good souls but only bad words to give isn’t something cherishing. One must monitor them self with the words they use, as being kind and spreading kindness is no harm . Often these days we come across situations where some words get into our habit’s and it gets hard to delete that specific word from our dictionary. But we do get insecure or advice our siblings or cousins not to use it ? But why? Often some people say why you using such words ? They are meant to be of such background people. Are you leprosy’s? Or illiterate? Or poor ?
But does it make any sense? We wear brands but talk shit and then advice like that’s for those background people and if one use it, then why you don’t use it everywhere? Because somehow or the other we all know that our society would judge us and only with our buddies we can be that real heart out person with all those hash tag words!
But whatever the situation is , one should be kind with the words and try not to hurt anyone. Thing’s can be changed but what people remember is your behaviour and like all old sayings : The goodness you do today somehow or the other it would rain with lots of joy one day!
So be kind 💜


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