lets not judge . . .

Beauty is inside ? We all say it right ? But have we actually give it a priority or appreciated or got attracted to someone at one look who is average? We all just say ! Have you ever wonder guys and girls your saying to opposite gender or to the same can affect them alot or have you ever give a thought before saying anything about anyone? Mature is not when you are old in number , its when you understand things, feel calm inside and you appreciate a personality even if he/she is good looking or average , a virgin or not , a smoker or a non- smoker . Accept people for what they are ! If you don’t smoke and someone else does doesn’t mean he/ she is a bad person . If a girl slept with you doesn’t mean she is a slut or the guy who has slept with many and today at present he say’s you I love you, doesn’t mean he can never love someone. If you like alcohol and clubbing and if the other person does not , that doesn’t mean they boring and same goes vice versa . We portray people even before we know them . No one is wrong or right , we all have different situations and we all should respect each other for whatever our like’s and dislikes may be .


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