let it be fake – but you have to keep walking . . .

Let her say bie which she never wanted to say . The leaf of happiness is now something her weakness ,the bond of love may be now a choker of snakes , the thoughts of being together hand in hand may feel without grace but let hold your heavy heart and let her be herself without your face . Let her walk alone in the world of fakes , hoping she’ll be okay ! Knowing all let her just say bie to the love of the decay- though which couldn’t end together but love is not all about being together so  . . . just let her say bie !



The heavy heart and so many assumptions about all those why’s ? Such things often haunts you at times and you at one point want to get rid of it or you’ll not realize that you are getting into the well of emotions and from where its too hard to be back to your old soul . Sit back its pretty normal , all you need to do is – you need to hold that emotion and try to focus on something which can build you up . But no matter what you’ll get flash backs and it hurts but one thing is for sure – time will fix everything rightly ! So all you need to do is figure out your why you cannot ?and work on them . . . just walk the path alone even if you have too with all your fake smile.smile


Just don’t give up on yourself – things broke, mold and fix, just to get the perfect version of its own so try being one and after this , that reality of your smile should never leave you (:



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